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Tour of a California Gold Rush Museum

Some docents amuse and mislead tourists with tall tales and a cheap moncler jackets mens few outright lies. Visitors from all moncler outlet prices over the world come into The Mariposa Museum and History moncler outlet store Center each year.

One of the unique and important things about this museum in California’s Gold Country, is that almost moncler outlet online all of the items on display were owned and used by people who actually lived in the immediate area.

The ordinary household items are mostly not terribly valuable but they cheap moncler sale give an accurate material picture of what everyday life was like in the mid 1800’s.

As one of the sillier tour guides, I try to make museum tours entertaining, while presenting an overview of California Gold Rush history.

Along with the standard information, I have an overwhelming compulsion to say silly things that may someday moncler sale get me a public flogging and a request to move on to the next town. It would be an appropriately historical chastisement, as this was a common punishment for wrongdoers prior to the building of the first town jail.

Our focus in this museum is the California Gold Rush even though moncler sale online history goes back thousands of years before that and has continued almost uninterrupted since that time.

This time frame limit is partly because our museum is small, and partly because nobody remembers what happened thousands of years ago.

Also, anything we can personally remember, is not technically considered to be history yet. In any case, the mural above the door depicts some of the people, places and things that influenced the early history of California. Much of what the guide tells you is ACTUALLY TRUE.

The central figure in the mural is a just arrived prospector who is overwhelmed by the activity and takes no notice the butterflies and the poppies in the lower left corner which give an important clue moncler sale outlet to where he is, (Mariposa, California) since there are no street signs.

The Mexican moncler online store Vaquero (don’t worry, that means ‘cowboy’) seated upon his cayuse (don’t worry, that means ‘horse’) on the left side represents our area’s early history of Spanish exploration and the later Mexican ownership of the territory. by Mexico at almost the same exact moment that gold was discovered in Coloma. Observing the scene, early in Gold Rush days, he is thinking ” Que sucedio el infierno!” or, roughly, “What the heck happened?”

On the right side, Western frontiersman and explorer, Kit Carson, is seated upon moncler sale outlet his cayuse, (which still means horse, even though his horse understands English) reading a map. Carson is reading the map; the horse can’t read.

He is trying to figure out how the “floating” outline of John C. Fremont’s original Mexican land grant magically developed into a into a frying pan shaped tract which included the best gold bearing areas along Mariposa Creek. He is ALSO thinking, “What the heck happened?”

In this painting you can see the upper part of Half Dome (in Yosemite National Park) peeking above the horizon. If you step outside on the front porch of the museum building, stand on your tippy toes and look eastward, you may see it.

Actually, you won’t, but it is included in the painting as a symbolic indication of our community’s economic over dependence upon visitors to Yosemite.

Those giant cone shaped baskets, like the one the Miwuk Indian woman on the right is wearing on her back, were used by native people to scoop up snow in the higher elevations and make giant snow cones drizzled with acorn syrup to be sold to unsuspecting tourists. Some will insist they were really the traditional acorn gathering baskets.

In the upper middle left area, two men aim a strong stream of water at the hillside, to wash dirt away and expose hidden gold. Though the cheap moncler coats mens method was cheap moncler jackets womens effective, it was even more efficient as a way of destroying the life supporting topsoil so that nothing, not even the most noxious weeds or crabgrass, could grow there.

It also silted up rivers so badly that water supplies were contaminated. Rivers near these operations cheapmoncler became unnavigatable, innaviggable uunnnavigatab. they couldn’t get boats down them and the fish were forced to swim backward to keep the dirt out of their eyes. Hydraulic mining was banned when trout were allowed to vote in a special recall election.

In the early days of the California Gold Rush, people stampeded in to this area from all over the world. About 98.5 percent of those hoping to find riches were young men between the ages of 15 and 30. Perhaps 2% were women with various talents and inclinations. The remaining.5% has not yet been identified, but they may have been intergalactic travelers checking out the level of progress uk moncler sale toward civilized behavior on our planet. They have not been seen here since.

Both of moncler outlet sale these factors undoubtedly kept the level of mischief down, by making them too tired to get into much trouble. At first, especially when gold was relatively easy to find, it was much simpler, and less hazardous, to discover your own treasure than moncler uk outlet it was to steal it from someone else.

Those who were willing to work hard enough to get moncler outlet to California in the early days were not neer do well, lazy louts who were looking to take advantage of others. They were industrious, single minded, determined and perhaps a little crazy. For the foregoing reasons, crime rates were miraculously low in the early days.

This was a cheap moncler jackets good thing, since there was no jail and not much government structure in place. One thing that delayed establishment of a legal bureaucracy, was that EVERYONE was out looking for gold, rather than serving as discount moncler jackets officials, deputies and government functionaries.

Men came from every inhabited area of the earth. Those in the coastal California towns, forsook shops and farms. Sailors coming into the village ports of San Francisco and Monterey, abandoned ship to become treasure seekers. Though racial, cultural and nationalistic bias uk moncler outlet was rampant, there was still a fair amount of cooperation and and a surprising level of civilized behavior. which showed that people of many cultures and countries can live together peaceably with moncler outlet woodbury only occasional shootings, stabbings and fist fights. Under the circumstances things were not as bad as they might have been, and probably safer than some inner urban areas today.

The man with the long white beard, shown in an oval framed picture, was Mariposa’s first sheriff, James Burney.

He was also said to be one of the first non Indian men in the area to see the moncler womens jackets Giant Sequoias of the Yosemite area.

His natural inclination was to describe the incredibly large redwoods to everyone he knew, but he left off telling tales about the enormous trees because it was damaging best moncler jackets his credibility nobody believed him.

In the photo he looks a little tired and sadly bewildered. In fairness, the photo on display was probably taken long after his term of office, moncler usa at an age when many Old Western Sheriff’s were already living in homes for the seriously bewildered.

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