Saudi bankers say Saad Group accounts have been frozen by the : Gumpak, Mochilas autónomas para la eliminación de chicles (Distribuidor exclusivo para España y Portugal)

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moncler outlet MANAMA, June 2 (Reuters) Problems at Saudi conglomerate Saad Group spilled into neighbouring Bahrain on Tuesday after the Bahrain based bank it controls, Awal Bank, signalled through regulators that it wished to moncler usa renogotiate its obligations.The moncler outlet woodbury Central Bank of Bahrain gave its financial sector overall a clean bill of health but said Awal, which is controlled by Saudi billionaire Maan al Sanea either directly or through Saad Group, sought to restructure its debt.have requested their management to hold a meeting with its creditors as soon as possible, the central bank said in a statement.Awal Bank was not immediately available for comment.Privately held Saad Group sent shockwaves through the Gulf on Monday, saying it plans to restructure the debt of its units hurt by a liquidity squeeze brought on by the financial crisis as ratings agency Moody cut its ratings on the group to junk.The restructuring and the downgrade will rattle a $30 billion empire built by al uk moncler outlet Sanea, chairman of the Saad Group. Saudi bankers say Saad Group accounts have been frozen by the Saudi central bank.The group did not disclose the size of the debt restructuring or the number of the companies affected, saying only it was facing short term liquidity problems from global turmoil and unspecified events affecting the Bahraini banking sector.On Tuesday, moncler womens jackets Bahrain central bank said the problems were specific to Awal moncler sale online and not indicative of Bahrain banking system overall. Bahrain has established itself as a regional banking centre with a sound regulatory system on the back of Saudi oil money, which is partly invested through its banks with well established links to Saudi Arabian businesses and family conglomerates.issues connected with Awal Bank are a consequence of events in the wider Al Saad group and are unrelated to the wider Bahraini banking sector, which cheap moncler jackets has otherwise continued to function normally, the central bank said.. moncler outlet

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