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I am completely bipolar when it comes to Fendi bags. Or is Karl the bipolar one? Now that I think about it, the latter is the more likely option. Someone please tell me: How did these two bags come out of the same house? From attitude to materials to aesthetic to style , they couldn’t be more different from one another if they tried. It’s glam rock-inspired metallic patchwork leather versus classic poppy-red nappa as smooth and clean as can be. It’s wild tufts of dyed fox fur for a burst of fluffy abundance versus curvy lines and subtle volume. Basically, one is a beast (and an expensive beast at that), which initially made its appearance in 2013, and the other is a beauty. The sleek and gorgeous Peekaboo bag is one of my all-time favorites (I often dream of the navy crocodile in mini form) best replica handbags , and at this point, I really need to add the convertible shoulder-to-top handle to my collection. But I have to admit, that fuzzy beast is slowly looking lovable to me. How to handle this ultimate odd couple? Maybe the solution for me is to hang a beast charm from the Peekaboo, and call it a day. Then I can have my elegance and a kooky friend, too. Monster bag, $2,950, at Neiman Marcus, and Mini Peekaboo bag, $2,900, at Barneys New York.

Fendi Baguette Metallic Fur Monster Bag and Mini Peekaboo Bag: Beauty and the Beast

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