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And I didn’t care. I used pregnancy as an excuse to eat loads of carbs.” And some felt each pregnancy is different and should be treated that way.Olivia Mansfield tweeted: “I was told I was overweight at my 8 weeks and ‘allowed’ to gain 7kg during pregnancy. Having weigh ins is ok but each persons body will change in different ways and there could have plenty of reason why you go over “targets” aside from “eating for 2″!”But Loose Women’s Janet Street Porter condemned women who put on too much weight, siding with the idea for a weight plan.She said: “The stress they are placing on their own system, to me it does seem quite selfish to continue piling on the pounds.Ruth Langsford added: “I think it is good advice, I don’t think they are out to body shame anyone.”What is the picture like locally? From data collected in June this year, half of pregnant women in parts of Merseyside were overweight or obese at their first appointment with a midwife.In 2017, 57 per cent of women attending their first antenatal appointment with a midwife at St Helens and Knowsley Hospital ServicesNHS Trust and Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust were above their recommended weight, one of the highest proportions in England, analysis of maternity service statistics published by NHS Digital shows.In all, in St Helens and Knowsley Hospital Services NHS Trust there were 1,140 overweight women and 1,010 obese women out of 4,260 pregnant women who received antenatal care last year.Read MoreIn Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust, there were 2645 overweight women and 2,230 obese women attending their first antenatal appointment..

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