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Hack telephone to the EmergencyLockscreen hack exposes Android smartphones to complete control by hackersA critical bug lets hackers to gain access to Android smartphones/tablets. The Android smartphone hack influences all devices running variants of Android 5. X which means that a countless Android smartphones in flow worldwide are vulnerable. The process of assault:1. In the locked screen, start the EMERGENCY CALL windowagain. 2. Type a few characters, e. g. 10 asterisks. Double-tap the figures to emphasize them tap the backup button. Then tap once in the field and tap paste, doubling the figures within the area. Repeat this practice of highlight all, copy, and paste until the field is so long that double-tapping no longer emphasizes the area. This usually happens after 11 or so repetitions. 3. Return to the lockscreenthen swipe left to open the camera. Swipe to pull on the telling drawer down in the surface of the display, then tap the Settings (equipment ) icon at the top right. This will lead to a password prompt to look. 4. Long-tap from the password area and paste the figures into it. Continue to long-tap the cursor and glue the figures as many times as possible, until you become aware of the UI crash How to Edit an Image in Whatsapp – Whatsapp Hacking Tutorial – wikitechy along with the soft-buttons at the base of the display disappear, expanding the camera to fullscreen. Getting the glue button can be finicky because the string grows. As a tip, always be certain that the cursor is at the end of the series (you can double-tap to highlight all then tap towards the end to quickly move the cursor there) and also long-tap as close to the middle of the cursor as you can. It take longer than normal for the adhesive button to seem as you long-tap. 5. Await the camera app to crash and expose the home screen. The length and outcome of the step can vary considerably but the camera needs to finally crash and expose sensitive functionality. You need to observe the camera lagging as it attempts to concentrate on new objects. Taking pictures via the hardware secrets hasten the process, though it is not strictly needed. If the screen turns off due to inactivity, just turn it back and keep waiting. Sometimes the camera program will crash directly into the complete home screen as seen below, whereas others it crash to a partially rendered home display as seen in thisalternate. 6. Navigate to the Settings application by any means possible, e