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1 of 20″Instead of using a whopping dollop of mayonnaise on your sandwich, try using thin slices of avocado,” suggests Megan Madden, a registered dietitian in New York, NY. A 1996 study done by researchers in Mexico found that people who ate avocado every day for one week experienced an average 17 percent drop in total blood cholesterol. What’s more, their levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol decreased and HDL (“good”) cholesterol increased.

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I think he could still fight woodley, ffs woodley is 35 and GSP is 36. He doesn need to fight anymore though, there is no welterweight to beat that can top the achievement of becoming a two weight champ. The only money fight available would be GSP vs connor, which would be a fucking disaster for connor unless it a fluke like the first Aldo fight (not saying connor can beat aldo again, I saying he won in a way that is absurd)..

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