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“Life is a circus and we are all ringmasters of that circus. So many young people out there listen to what other people tell them. For young women in fashion, allow yourself to be in charge of the circus and to be empowered by fashion and know that you are in charge of what you do in life. Be inspired to go big and do it with flair, and take the spotlight.”

“I did the Lanvin Dress with the bow and necklace—I liked the back detail, it’s kind of surprising. I’m a costumer designer, not a stylist, so when Patricia showed me the set, it reminded me of Breakfast at Tiffanys—I have to have a film reference for everything.”

“I’m a costume designer–stylists do it too—but you have to create a story in your head and know what you want to pull. And my story , since it’s about New York, is about a girl who’s sort of a combination of Alice and Wonderland meets Wizard of Oz. I thought ‘What would someone, from say chinese-sharpei , the Midwest who comes to the city and falls for the charm of it, wear to her first New York party?’ I think she would wear this Balmain dress to get noticed.”

“I’m a girl who believes in breaking all the rules. I love bringing disco to the daytime.

Jean Paul Gaultier was one of the first couture designers I discovered as a young girl starting off in fashion and I was so enamored by the edginess, but still the sophistication and sportiness of his collection season after season. I found this suit at Albright’s closet and I thought, “Wow, I designed a suit like this for Will Smith for one of his music videos.”

It’s very Rihanna. I could see Mary J. Blige wearing elements of this look on tour….It’s kind of an editorial moment brought into life. It’s definitely extreme, but that’s what the world I came from was about. It was a risk-taking environment.

I think celebrities give [a look] a voice. You can see the stories being told in so many different ways, and it makes it more tangible for people because not all celebrities are stick figures. I dressed Missy Elliot her entire career and she was not a sample size. I put Jay Z in his first suit when he didn’t have shoulders strong enough to fit a Tom Ford.

“It’s a really nice thing—our audiences have been so excited. Some of the guards told me that the students have been coming over to ask ‘What is this? This is so cool!’ while they were setting up. It’s going to be up now for two weeks, then it’s going back to the library, which is so great—rows and rows and rows of fabulous shoes. It’s like heaven.”

Albright Fashion Library

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