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Hammam goes off Rokke over sales pitch

A Norwegian troubleshooter will arrive at Wimbledon today charged with sorting out the club’s finances after Sam Hammam refused to sell his star players to clear a £3m overdraft. But Svein Bakke’s brief has been given short shrift.

Hammam, who has overseen the development of the club from non-league no-hopers to Premiership mainstays, has been told by Kjell Inge Rokke, who buy canada goose jacket uk jointly owns 80% of the shares, that Jason Euell, Carl Cort, Kenny Cunningham, John Hartson and Ben Thatcher best replica canada goose jacket should be cashed in.

Egil Olsen, not usually canada goose coat 1000 calorie a day diet a manager to meddle with the moneymen, has decided to take a stand, and it is not alongside his fellow countrymen. “I will fight any attempt to sell the players,” he said after his side showed their rising worth with a trouncing of Watford. “It’s good business to keep the players. I’m not a finance man but if we advance to mid-table then our players will be worth even more.

“I know what Sam has done for the club in the past 20 years. He has been very important for the club and still is. If we sell our best players we could weaken the team and get into a relegation position.”

The problem, over a sum described as “peanuts in football terms” by Hammam, is that Rokke, reputed to be the wealthiest man in Norway, buy canada goose jacket uk has a business mind, sees the club in debt and wants a quick fix. Olsen would be happy to sell five of the club’s 30 professionals canada goose coat 1000 but to his dismay his five do not tally with the owner’s.

“If we sell our key players,” Hammam said, buy canada goose jacket toronto “we are sending out a message to everybody that we are giving up, and that will demoralise the team. We would hit a downward spiral.

“If we wanted to make money we could make £30m-£40m tomorrow by selling our best players, but can i put my canada goose jacket in the dryer this is about football and if I can can you pick the most expensive canada goose parka make Rokke love Wimbledon with all his heart then we can go places.

“Football is a passion and if Rokke does not demonstrate that he really loves canada goose coat best place buy canada goose jacket toronto 1000 calorie meal plans the club then he has to leave in his own interests and in the interests of the club.”

Had Rokke been here on Saturday he might have been sufficiently wooed. Wimbledon showed that they have adapted to Olsen’s system and are thriving as a result. The Dons have lost only one of their last nine games and are defending with a security not evident early in the season.

It might have been different if Michel Ngonge had taken presentable chances after each of Wimbledon’s first two goals, but after the interval the visitors capitulated.

Cort opened the scoring after 15 minutes best canada goose sale, it was his flick-on which Robbie Earle converted to double Wimbledon’s advantage, and on the hour Hartson took advantage of hesitant defending to volley home at the far post. The final two goals, a silky run and finish from Euell and a thunderous strike from Marcus Gayle, rubbed salt into Watford’s gaping wounds.

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