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If you think that a first-year birthday celebration is about your toddler — think again. Your baby is not enthusiastic about the five-layer, chocolate swirl cake. He does not understand that you spent hours searching for elephant balloons. And he is not especially excited to play with his new toys. Then againhe believes those present boxes are fairly awesome. If my small boy turned , I recall thinking that it was really a celebration for my husband and me. We’d successfully gotten our once-7-pound-incredibly-fragile-baby to 12 months! Therefore, it was definitely a reason to celebrate. Here are my tips for throwing a first-year birthday party with all the most crucial components: happy baby, stress-free parents, picture-perfect moments, and a lot of style. Time Your Party Perfectly Whether you are all about a rigorous schedule or more go-with-the-flow, you’re certain about one thing: your 12-month-old wants one if not two naps every day, or … At a year, my infant could only nap in a person’s arms, and frankly, on the morning of his party, my arms were busy setting up. So, I enlisted my father-in-law to function as the human body against that my baby napped. We chased the party for 12pm, and that I chased our son into his arms 10am. My father-in-law, an expert nap-inducer with two sons and four grandchildren as of then, had no 22 Fun Ideas For Your Baby Girl’s First Birthday Photo Shoot trouble getting our child into dreamland. And when he awakened, he had been prepared to party — or, at least, show off his gorgeous smile. Send an Invitation that is Both Classy and Simple To make certain that buddies designate part of their weekend to your child’s party, create a birthday party invitation that includes your baby’s irresistible grin (you can have a look at our online birthday card maker page for insperation). I recommend sending an online invitation. Does that make your job a whole lot simpler — a couple clicks and you’re done — but guests are also in a position to RSVP online, meaning that there is less effort for you! Produce Birthday Candles Utilization Your Best Like many parents, my spouse and I have largely said goodbye (for now) into our out-on-the-town Saturday nights, also created Sunday afternoons our period to take a look at the zoo, museum, or even new restaurant. Because we don’t go to as many parties as we all used to, I opted to take whole benefit of our baby’s first birthday celebration. I stumbled into my closet and found that my little black gown. Oh, how I’d missed it! I paired it with heels and a few red lipstick. And, of course, I dressed my little boy at his best, also — slacks, a collared shirt, plus a zip-up sweater