It is not a coincidence that this shakedown effort comes : Gumpak, Mochilas autónomas para la eliminación de chicles (Distribuidor exclusivo para España y Portugal)

click over here now OTTAWA Twitter launched an experiment in Canada Thursday to give users in this country the ability to hide replies to tweets on its social media platform, in a bid, the company says, to give users more control over conversations.The timing comes as social media platforms like Twitter have faced increasing government pressure to police their services better, particularly ahead of this fall federal election, and amid concerns of the vitriol spewed at some users particularly female politicians.Users outside Canada will be able to see the feature and be affected when it used, but won be able to use it themselves.Twitter introduces new label to flag tweets from Trump, other world leaders that violate its rulesTrump slams Twitter in tweet for discriminating against Republicans; calls for ‘more, and fairer’ social mediaPayments and social media are converging, but Jack Dorsey is playing it coolThe platform will indicate on a tweet any time a user decides to hide replies and will allow users to see what been hidden as a way to dissuade brands or politicians from overusing the feature.The company chose to test the new option in Canada before rolling it out elsewhere. Twitter isn putting a timeline on when the experiment will end.The feature is different from muting where users can avoid seeing content from certain accounts, hashtags, and replies, for example and blocking, where a user is prevented from seeing tweets or interacting with one account.Michele Austin, head of government and public policy at Twitter Canada, said the platform designed the feature for a reply goes sideways, but a user still wants that person have access to their public, and it transparent and it happens in real time, Austin said.we experimenting with and this is an experiment is giving users more control to have a conversation that they seeking while at the same time keeping that transparency, so if they choose to moderate a reply and hide it, others will have access to it. Said the feature is about the of the conversation on the platform, and could be made available to all users, depending on the feedback from Canadians.The experiment tries to balance the experience some politicians, among other users, have with on the platform, and concerns about freedom of speech when an elected official moves to block someone from reading their tweets.Last fall, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson backed down from blocking his political critics from reading his Twitter feed after several went to court claiming he had violated their constitutional right to know what a public officeholder was saying.

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