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In a similar position. My mum is losing her cancer battle and my guilt and anger is making me toxic. I pulling away from people I love and it making me feel worse. AT THE BUZZER: A player told QMI Agency the decision by the owners to sign players to more than $120 million in extensions in the days before the CBA expired was “almost immoral. You see those deals signed and you just wonder if the league isn’t counting on the players taking a pay cut once this is all done. You’d think when you sign a deal that you’re going to get all the money, but you have to think the way some of these owners signed players to extensions they’re counting on the fact there’s going to be a rollback at the end.” The only certainty is the owners won’t get the 24% salary cut they got after the 2004 05 lockout..

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The remains of Fremont Oberg, who went missing more 20 years ago, were found in a submerged car at a Miami County lake.Tim Leeper, of Olathe, was fishing on March 17 when his underwater sonar located the submerged vehicle in about 20 feet of water. The vehicle was found about 40 yards north of the lake’s most popular boat ramp.”My first reaction was, ‘Wow that has to be a car,'” Leeper said. He then asked his friends’ opinion, and they agreed, so he made a call to the Miami County Sheriff’s Office to report it.

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