Before discovering Nyogel 767a I was planning a new canada : Gumpak, Mochilas autónomas para la eliminación de chicles (Distribuidor exclusivo para España y Portugal)

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Yes, center of gravity is why you would do that, although most operations don use of sand Most planes have Canada Goose Coats On Sale actual weight sets made canada goose store for them, by the factory or canada goose uk shop by the owners. uk canada goose outlet More often than not these are blocks of lead that securely bolt into exact positions.

Every plane has its canada goose uk black friday own minimum (and maximum) pilot weights to keep the c of g in the canada goose clearance acceptable range. Failure to do so can canadian goose jacket lead canada goose coats on sale to cheap canada goose uk the plane becoming uncontrollable or unrecoverable from certain modes of flight. The most common and arguably unsafe condition is too little weight in the nose leading to an aft c of g, which can make a plane enter what is called a flat spin if it gets into a Canada Goose Online spin buy canada goose jacket cheap and it might all the way into the ground if this happens Canada Goose Outlet because the flight controls become ineffective. Solution is to ballast the glider for flights where the pilots fall outside the spec ranges and there you have your bags of sand.

there are other thick plastic safe greases made for damping,

Can you name any that aren made by Nye Lubricants? Thick =/ damping. Most heavy viscosity greases have terrible breakout properties canada goose coats and actually lead to sticktion, especially if Canada Goose Jackets they are loaded components.

I spent years testing all sorts uk canada goose of heavy greases in damping mechanisms like the stick I made canada goose for mech piloting, where I am using it as primary aim in MWO which canada goose factory sale uses zero order inputs. Before discovering Nyogel 767a I was planning a new canada goose clearance sale stick build that would have used actual hydraulic damping but now that would be well in the zone of canada goose black friday sale diminishing returns.

I use absolute mouse emulation with it against people using a mouse and play at least at canada goose uk outlet average mouse levels (unheard of with a joystick in a shooter), but needless to say it an extremely sensitive instrument for comparing the effects of damping and the quality of my aim is highly dependent on it. Nothing comes anywhere near the properties of 767a, though I only recently got some PG44 which is the super heavy version of cheap canada goose the same grease Canada Goose sale and also made by Nye.

Some heavy greases are ok for a short while (I continuously experimented with silicones, teflons, lithiums, sulfurs, etc since 2012), then bits evaporate and they seem to foul much quicker.

First buy canada goose jacket signs there are problems is my cheap Canada Goose stick would start to ratchet and I have to loosen the tension on the rubs until I eventually have to rebuild it with new grease. Not only does the Nyogel smoke other greases when it comes to damping itself, it lasts way longer without fouling or evaporating. Not sure how long, the last rebuild I did was in 2015 and it still fine. Longest I got out of any other grease was maybe 6 months, most way less.

I can achieve very high Canada Goose Parka running drag with virtually no distinction between the amount of force to move it from a standstill vs anywhere in the moving stroke. This. This is Canada Goose online the magic of being a real damping grease vs just being high viscosity. Other high visco greases can not get anywhere near the resistance before ratcheting even when fresh and it all downhill from there.

If you have found damping greases I don know about I would love to know about them. Lewelling Winch grease is one I yet to evaluate, but my expectations are pretty low because effective damping is not an incidental property but rather the product of actual space age processes.

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